Alone in a Forest at Summer’s End (c)2013 DaniseCodekas

(c)2013 DaniseCodekas, Photographer

A Ship, the Fog, and Vashon Island (c)2013 DaniseCodekas, Photographer

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb – See more at:
“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

I love to rest in the forest, while the rain and snow are not yet falling. The nights grow cooler and I grow older. We understand one another well, Nature and I do now, after so many seasons together.

I sense an ability to calm myself more, now that the world has been tasted with intensity,by me, the past 15 months.

I don’t require so many people to entertain me as my life shuffles towards its end. Beauty, wildness, and basic sustenance seem to fulfill me for now. After so long on this earth, the good which I find around me, far outweighs the disillusions prompted by my errors of judgement.

I still screw up and will continue to do so until I skip off the planet. None of us can claim perfection, yet, if we are lucky, there are many perfect realizations we come to know, and we live better because of the growth of our self-understanding.

Strange to yearn to travel on a ship while standing on the shore, alone, in transit to somewhere else. Beauty is so suggestive, and this photograph I took on an early morning beach walk, is titled: A Ship, The Fog and Vashon Island. The mystery of the moment brought me out of the doldrums, and jump started my planning for the next adventure.

Cannot tell you what I am looking for, yet I know it is inside of me and the world and its mysteries calls louder than ever now. I am surprised my desire to travel, write and photograph the wonders of this planet has grown exponentially, in the past 15 months. I wonder where it is all leading me to geographically?

Personally, I am weeding out personal ideas while writing a book. The same one I have been working on forever, only now it is going to be finished soon because I could not write it until I waded through the travel experiences I had this past year.

It wasn’t ready for me to finish with it until I learned some tough life lessons, this past year. Thank God. Whenever I hear travelers’ talk about their fabulous trip, I want to hear about those moments, when they are in a contemplative mood, on the trip, and what answers from the universe they hear about their life worries.

Travel is a journey back to yourself, through fresh seas, wild winds and soft swaying palm trees.

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